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Ramsay Personal training Fitness TransformationWeight loss. It’s a subject that is on a lot of people’s minds.

Over the years we can bet that you’ve spent a lot of time and effort (and probably money) trying to achieve your goals of losing weight.

Whether its late night google searches similar to the ones below:

“How to lose weight”

“How to drop a dress size fast”

Or maybe it’s been the regular starting and restarting of certain ‘diets’ over and over again, often with disappointing results.

It’s fair to say that you’ve tried to do something about it over the years but that nothing has quite stuck; not for the long term anyway.

Well don’t give up hope just yet – the Slim-Fit Gloucester community group is here to finally help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

So, what is Slim-Fit Gloucester?

It’s an online support network which is designed to provide you with everything that you need.

Whether you’re looking to train from home, at the gym, or anywhere else for that matter, the trainer will be there to guide you along the way and provide you with the necessary tools needed to achieve some great results.

(Below are some of the challenges and nutrition programs you will have access to):

We’ve gone into more detail in the section below, but the Slim-Fit Gloucester group is going to include:

  • Training plans and programs to follow
  • Structured meal plans to follow – which are fully customisable to your needs
  • Monthly recipe e-books
  • Progression tracking tools to use
  • Full support and accountability to help to keep you focused and on track
  • Monthly challenges to keep you motivated
  • Access to a friendly and supportive community

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What is included?

Training plans and programs: these expertly designed programs will set out what you need to be doing when you’re in the gym. These plans are all about cutting the guesswork out of exercise. No more training plateaus or meaningless ‘going through the motions’ workouts for you.

Your time in the gym is about to become a lot more efficient, effective and productive! (Which is perfect for achieving some amazing results!)

BONUS: There will also be home workout based programs available for you to follow if you would prefer to train at home! Whether it’s because you don’t have access to a gym, or because you don’t feel comfortable training in one just yet, these programs are going to get you progressing from the comfort of your own home.

Full nutrition support: Nutrition is important. You’re never going to achieve the very best results if you’re not complementing your training with good nutrition. There is nothing more demotivating than putting the time and effort in at the gym, but seeing no results.

Contrary to what you may have heard though, good nutrition doesn’t have to be hard; and it doesn’t have to be boring. With our support, we’re going to make sure that it’s neither.

We’re going to provide you with fully laid out meal plans to follow. You’ll know what to eat and when to eat it.

We’ll also give you tools to customise them where needed to ensure that they work for you. After all, who sticks to a plan that doesn’t suit them?

On top of that, we’ll also provide you with regular new ideas for healthy recipes through new monthly e-books so that you don’t get bored too easily, provide support when it comes to getting portion sizes right, and much more to ensure that you get your nutrition right.

Progress tracking: Being able to accurately track your progress is the key to staying on track. It’s always easier to stay on course when you know that your hard work is paying off.

We’ll show you how you can accurately track your progress and give you the tools needed to record your results. Just using the number on the weighing scales isn’t enough!

Full support and accountability: Now this is a vital aspect of any successful weight loss program; especially the accountability aspect. It’s all too easy to give up when it gets tough; people often give up at the very first hurdle. That’s why you need as much support and accountability on hand as possible; otherwise you’re never going to achieve your goals. That’s why Slim-Fit Gloucester is going to provide this in 2 ways:

Our highly qualified trainers will be on hand to support you and guide you every step of the way. Whether it’s through the support that we provide through the resources detailed above, or interacting with the questions that you post, we’re here to support you and to keep you on track.
Slim-Fit Gloucester is going to be a community. What does that mean exactly? You’re going to be able to communicate with others in the same situation as you, as well as people who have been where you’ve been. They’re going to be there to encourage you in the good times, and they’ll be there to help to guide you through the bad times. This type of support is invaluable and will make all the difference.


Motivation: Whether it’s through regular motivational posts to give you a bit of inspiration, or convincing you to take part in one of our monthly challenges, we’re going to help to keep you motivated.

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Slim-Fit Gloucester:

  • Training plans and programs
  • Monthly recipe ebook
  • Monthly Nutrition/Training ebook
  • Monthly community challenges 
  • Full support and accountability
  • Progress tracking
  • Motivation

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A Sum Up

Long term weight loss isn’t easy. If it was then everybody would do it. You won’t change your situation with short term ‘fixes’ – no matter how many companies try to promise you otherwise.

The key though, and this is very important, is that long term weight loss is very much achievable. For everyone. You just need to put the time and effort in and have the right plan of action in place.

Joining Slim-Fit Gloucester is the right plan of action for you. It’s going to provide you with everything that you need. With programs to follow, full nutritional support available, help and support on hand, motivation and accountability to keep you on track, it’s all in place to help you. You just need to take advantage of it.

The RPT guarantee: If you follow all of the lessons that the Slim-Fit Gloucester is going to provide, and put 100% effort into your journey, then we can guarantee that you’re going to achieve some great results.

Why are we so sure of that? Over the years we have managed to help thousands of people to positively transform their bodies. There’s no reason for why you won’t be another success story.

So if you’re ready to start progressing again, and are ready to start finally putting words into action, then the Slim-FIT Gloucester approach is for you. Join up today and start feeling the benefits straight away.

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