Ramsay’s Summer Fitness Tips

Ramsay's Summer Fitness Tips

It may seem as though we are far off summer, but it is important that once the season turns, you are well-prepared when subjected to increased heat. So without further ado, here are some summer fitness tips that will help fire up your body and burn the fat when sun turns up the intensity.

Stay Hydrated

Short, sweet, and seemingly obvious – although there are a number of people who will neglect this simple point on a hot summer’s day.

Make sure that you have consumed water before you leave and, if your run is likely to be a long one, I advise taking fluids with you – but drink it in moderation, and periodically, to avoid getting a stitch!

You would have expended a lot of energy by the end of your run, so top it back up with some healthy food, such as a banana.

Get your Vitamin D!

Vitamin D is essential for maintaining a healthy body and, if the sun does show up, you won’t have much of an excuse for not getting an optimum supply of it!

However, there are other sources you can resort to for a Vitamin D top-up; these include salmon and tuna, eggs, many varieties of cereal, and supplements.

Get involved in the Muddy Hill Runs!

We’re hoping it won’t be too muddy – if at all – at this time of year, but a great form of exercise is one that involves a hill. Not only will it work you hard but, with clear weather, you’ll be able to appreciate your achievement even more when you witness the spectacular views from a high altitude.

Drag a friend along with you

There are a large percentage of people who want to get fit for the summer and, with that in mind, there is a good chance you’ll be able to encourage a friend to join you during exercise.

A training partner can give you that extra motivation to achieve your goals, and it makes exercising much more enjoyable. I often promote my group classes, such as the Bootcamp and Muddy Hill Runs, because these help engender a sense of camaraderie.

Make sure you eat your breakfast

It’s referred to as the most important meal of the day for a reason; you don’t gain – or lose rather – anything by skipping it.

Make sure your breakfast packs enough energy to kick-start your metabolism and carry you through until the next meal.

What foods are best? Porridge, Greek yoghurt, fruit, and eggs are the obvious choices; top that off with a fruit juice and you’ll be good to go.

As featured in the first ever edition of ‘[gossip] in Gloucester’