Don’t Believe These Three Supplement Myths:


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Don’t Believe These Three Supplement Myths:

Myth #1:

“More Is Better”

If vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and herbs are good for you and available over the counter, they must be safe to take in high doses, right? Science has proven otherwise. You feel a cold coming on so you pop the vitamin C pills and lozenges to ward it off, but too much of certain vitamins and minerals can be dangerous. For example, when you overdose on vitamin C, your body loses its ability to absorb copper, and too much vitamins A, D, and K can build up to toxic levels when large doses are taken. And you thought those supplements came with no risks!

Always be careful of what multivitamin that you buy, and always be careful of combining a multivitamin with another vitamin supplement.

Myth #2:

“A Supplement Will Make Up for My Unhealthy Diet”

 Hate vegetables? Drink too much caffeine? Like to skip breakfast? Well, be wary of relying solely on supplements to make up for your nutritional deficiencies. Your body is better able to absorb nutrients from real food, so supplements should only be taken as the icing on your healthy cake. Besides, relying on supplements to fill in nutritional gaps can put you at risk for the overdosing dangers mentioned above.

With a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, you’ve got little room for the need of supplements. Eating a healthy well-rounded diet will also provide millions of phytonutrients unavailable in supplement form, making whole foods the better option.

Myth #3:

“I Can Trust the Claims of Supplement Labels”

Many supplement containers describe the health benefits their ingredients aim to provide. These range from increased vitality to improved disease immunity. Great as these claims may sound, they are not backed up by significant, proper research. They are, however, great marketing tools that will pull you in and trick you into buying them thinking that they will solve your problems.

Combine this with the lack of strict rules and regulations when it comes to supplements, there is no guarantee you are getting exactly what it says on the tin. This also raises another concern; you may also not know all of the harmful, toxic ingredients that come as part of the ‘health supplement package’!