blood sugar

Blood sugar levels – the secret to success.

Blood sugar levels, and how to correctly balance them, is vital when it comes to a successful weight loss program.
Correctly balancing your blood sugar levels will not only leave you feeling good and full of energy, but will also contribute  in the promotion of the burning of fat for energy; great news!

Ever wondered why you suddenly crave sweet treats at certain times of the day, or when you are on a restrictive diet? That is your blood sugar levels wreaking havoc on your body!

So, how do we balance our blood sugar levels?
Its simple really:
  1. Eat Breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason, so don’t skip it!
    2.  Eat little and often. The best formula to follow is 3 main meals with 2 snacks in between.3.  Eat carbohydrates; but wait? Carbs are the enemy to weight loss, aren’t they? Complex carbohydrates are your best friend when it comes to weight loss. Not only will they leave you feeling full for longer meaning less sugar cravings, but they will also ensure that you have enough energy to finish your workout! Brown rice, sweet potatoes, and slow cooked porridge are perfect examples of complex carbohydrates; so get eating!
    4. Eat protein. Protein isn’t just a bodybuilders best friend, it is also a vital aspect with losing weight. Protein not only aids in muscle growth and repair, but also crucially slows down the breakdown of food. The result? You feel fuller for longer as energy from your food is released slower, and those sugar cravings are nowhere to be seen! Eggs, fish, chicken, and cottage cheese are great examples of protein to include in your diet.
5. Eat fats; Eat fats?? We are trying to lose weight here! Good fats (unsturated) are a crucial food group they you need to take advantage of. Good fats not only aid in keeping your internal organs healthy and in tip top shape, but are densely packed full of energy
6. Eat fibre. Soluble and non soluble fibre are key as they are the key ingredient to transporting energy around your body. If the energy is getting to where it needs to be, then you don’t need to eat as much and therefore wont crave as much
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