Alpha Men’s Resistance Class

Looking to build lean muscle, increase strength and set off on the path to achieve your dream body? Then the alpha males class is for you.

The class is a 10 week programme designed to push you to your limits, and help you to break past them and any plateau that you may be experiencing.

Training would take place on Thursday evenings at 7pm with a maximum of 9 people. The classes will follow a strict training program delivered by a qualified personal trainer, who will be there to demand the very best from you.

You will also be given a training program to take way with you to follow independently.

It will be vital that you follow these programs independently, away from the watchful eyes of our personal trainers, if you want to achieve the best results possible.

Nutrition will also be a big factor in this class. You will be given a sports nutrition plan to follow over the 10 week programme.

Nutrition will be a major factor during this 10 week programme as your body will need the right fuel, minerals and nutrients to build the lean muscle and size that you will be looking for from this programme.Health assessments and body fat assessments will be taken at the start of the programme and at the end. Assessments are a great way to track your progress and to understand how your body has developed over the 10 week programme.12670467_733196166815834_109857040457212858_n

To get involved in the Alpha Men’s Resistance Class, please fill out the following form: