7 reasons why you should join spin class

Ramsay PT Spin Class in Gloucester

The bikes are in and we’re ready to start spinning! As fitness professionals, we are aware of the need to offer variety in terms of your workout to help strengthen as many areas of the body as possible.

To highlight exactly what benefits the spin class can have for you and your body, the team at RPT Studio in Gloucester have put together a list of seven reasons why you should ‘get on your bike’ and join our spin class – so here we go:

1. Burn calories

Ok, that’s an obvious one, isn’t it? The exact number of calories depends on a number of factors, but it is estimated that you can burn anywhere between 480 – 1720 calories in one session.

2. It’s good for runners too

If you are an avid runner, then you will find that getting involved in a spin class can improve your running performance – helping you to go faster and further.

How does it help? Well, for starters, running is considered a ‘high-impact workout’ as it puts your joints through far more than a spin class can. This reduces your risk of injury by giving them a break every now and then whilst still maintaining high form.

Another reason is that, as mentioned in the introduction, it offers variety and works out a different set of muscles. The result is that you are further strengthening your legs which also reduces your risk of injury.

3. It’s a different dynamic to any other workout

You only need to look at the video below to figure out that this is completely different to any other form of exercise.

With the coloured lights and the music blaring, it’s like being in a nightclub – except the DJ is in control of how you move as well as the music.

4. It strengthens your mind, as well as your legs

After becoming a dedicated spinner, your legs are going to look great and they are going to feel great. One other major improve you’ll notice though, is how mentally strong you have become.

The feeling soreness of your legs and buttocks will pale into insignificance in the back of your mind as you persistently pedal through the pain barrier. Eventually spin classes won’t feel as much of a chore as you maybe once thought.

5. The excitement

It’s not a slow workout; it requires maximum concentration at all times – and there’s nothing more exciting than constantly being kept on your toes for the duration of your session.

You will ride in synchronisation with the tempo of the music – building up with it, and then accelerating into motion as soon as the drop hits.

6. Improving cardiovascular health

You will be strengthening your heart muscles by taking part on a regular basis. Over time, you will learn to control your breathing, subsequently increasing your lung capacity and keeping you at optimum health.

7. Time flies

The clock ticks much slower when you’re looking at it, but you won’t have any time to do that on the bike. Your mind will be preoccupied with the motions, and those 45 – 60 minutes will fly by as a result.

Spin Class Checklist

  • A bottle of water
  • Sweat towel
  • Running or cycling shoes/trainers
  • Comfortable sports clothing

If you would like to find out more about joining RPT Studio in Gloucester’s spin class, please fill out the form below: