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Our Founder

Ramsay Sawi

Here’s what Ramsay has to say about how and why he started up RPT STUDIO in Gloucester: “After eight years of working in the Army and also coaching and participating in the army boxing team I decided to pursue my passion in health and fitness and studied to become a Personal Trainer. I then spent 9 years in the Fitness Industry working with a variety of clients from first time exercisers to professional sportsmen and women and even an Olympic Gold medalist and a Uk champion in MMA. Having made a success of personal training within a commercial Gym I made a plan to open my own studio.I am a qualified Close Protection Operative and an opportunity came up that I couldn’t say no to. This was my one and only chance I had to gain the collateral I needed to follow my dream and open the studio. I spent 6 months working away at sea protecting cargo vessels from pirates. This was a sacrifice I was prepared to make if I was going to be able to fund the studio. Meanwhile back home my friends and family were getting things started and the studio was starting to take shape.

My Aim was to open a unique motivational training experience that would set us apart from the run of the mill Personal Training experiences. Once all the transits abroad had finished I finally came home and was able to design the layout of the studio choose the equipment I needed and get started. With lots of determination and the help and support of my friends and family I finally was able to open my own unique Personal Training Studio.

I believe that anyone can get into their ideal shape as long as they have the right guidance and most of all the determination to see it through. If you want something bad enough, you can make it happen.”

RPT Studio is a company dedicated to personal training services of all kinds. The company opened in 2013. All the trainers within RPT Studio have had interest in sports, health and fitness and weight lifting since young ages. Ramsay Sawi is the managing director and chief personal trainer at RPT STUDIO.

Our Professional Coaches


Over 14 years experience in the fitness industry it is my aim to help optimise my clients weight loss and body composition, this is why nutrition and lifestyle programming and advice must be bespoke to meet the needs of that one individual. Please view the transformations page to see the great results achieved.

I work with people from all walks of life including top atheletes Olympic gold medalist, MMA competitors, Children and the elderly. I am also the only Bio Signature Practioner in Gloucester.


I have a masters degree in Strength and Conditioning and have been personal trainer since 2015. My masters and undergrad degree have provided me with a sound scientific base for the training methods and techniques that I apply to any sessions or programs.

My passion for health and fitness came from a young age when I competed for many years in Rugby and Kickboxing.

To this day I watch as much rugby as I can either live or on the TV.

I aim to help clients achieve their goals, whether they be to improve sports performance, increase strength and muscle mass or by improving body composition.


Hi! My name is Igor and I have been with RPT for almost 4 years now. Sport has always played a huge role in my life, I played football for 18 years and trained athletics (sprint) for 6 years. After graduating from university I decided to qualify as a Personal Trainer to share my passion and knowledge with others. I enjoy almost all styles of training from bodybuilding or strength oriented training to crossfit inspired high intensity workouts and cardio sessions. I hope that together we will find a training style that you enjoy and help you achieve your goals.


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