RPT is the only gym in Gloucester or Cheltenham to be an official Hyrox Partner.

What is Hyrox?

I hear you ask……. Hyrox is the new global functional fitness competition for every BODY! It incorporates Functional strength training, High Intensity Interval training and Classic endurance. Participants from all levels of fitness can take on the competition. To take part in a HYROX competition, your sporting background doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be insanely fit, be able to run a marathon, bench press 100kg, you just need drive and determination. HYROX is opening up the world to functional fitness a wider audience. Remember you DON’T have to be an elite athlete to get involved, HYROX is for everyone!

Hyrox Hype

Hyrox is taking the world by storm starting in Germany it has quickly grabbed the attention of many people from athletes to amateurs. With competitions all over Europe and America it is only building in popularity.

Hyrox Concept

Hyrox is designed to be a fitness challenge anyone can take part in. It may sound cheesy but it is about the taking part that counts. There are no complicated lifts, you don't have to be a marathon runner, you don't have to be able to perform pull ups or even press ups. No matter your fitness background Hyrox is for everyone.

Hyrox Format

The competition starts with a 1 km run, followed by 1 functional workout repeated 8 times. This combination of functional exercises and endurance makes HYROX unique yet still attainable for people from varying athletic and fitness backgrounds. The functional exercises are 1000m Ski Erg, 50m Sled Push, 50m Sled Pull, 80m Burpee Broad Jumps, 1000m Row, 200m Farmers Carry, 100m Sandbag Lunges and 75 or 100 Wall Balls to finish. Easy right!?

Hyrox Training

If Hyrox is something that interests you we provide unique classes and Personal Training courses designed to help you get Hyrox ready. Wether you training for your first or fifty first, our training programmes can help you smash it.


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