As 2015 approached I decided that it was time for me to sort myself out both physically and mentally.Previous years I had said this and the year passed with no improvement. This year was different I was ready to change my life for the better,I met Rams initially and I could tell from the start that I had to be prepared to be dedicated or I wouldn’t achieve my goal. Rams listened to what I wanted to achieve and how I needed to take control of the anxiety.He advised me on nutrition and built a plan to suit me,sometimes I felt like giving up but he encouraged me and helped me get to the next level,which at the time seemed miles away! Along the way we have shared a lot of stories,laughs and a few tears but I tell you what he has truly helped me change my life. He has given me the confidence to wear what I like,and that anything can be achieved with hard work. I love the gym there as all the people are extremely friendly and supportive its like a little family,full of banter and of course a bit of competitive spirit! Choosing to use Rams as my PT has been a life changing experience and has helped me manage my anxiety and believe in myself




I started training with Ramsay in January after my second baby which this time around I found difficult to train during pregnancy. I suffered with diastasis recti (abdominal seperation) and found I needed help and advice to get back to the level of training I was used to whilst managing my diastasis recti. Ramsay did not disappoint. We took each week at a time armed with both a training and nutrition plan. The nutrition was enjoyable and easy which meant I wasn’t spending hours in the kitchen which being a mum of 2, training and working meant this suited me well. Each week I saw results which gave me the determination and drive to keep going. I also completed a 7 week fitness prep diet and training plan to get me ready for my summer holiday. Wow!! The results spoke for them self. I have done diet plans before and always failed as results never came. I put my 100% trust in to Ramsay and it paid off. Throughout my journey everyone was helpful and informative and didn’t mind me bombarding with questions and pictures. I would recommend Ramsay and his team to anyone whatever your goal.
I have always had a problem with my weight and I have tried every diet available, with no success. Until I joined Ramsay’s boot camp, which has in turn helped me gain more confidence and enhance my fitness levels. I initially undertook Ramsay’s nutritional advice and lost 9lbs in two weeks. I have since completed 4 boot camp sessions and have lost a total of 3 stone. I would recommend Ramsay’s boot camp to anyone who needs that extra push and advice with nutrition and exercise. Boot camp sessions are great fun and all abilities can achieve what is required. 3 STONE WEIGHT LOSS
I joined Ramsay’s boot camp in January 2014 and have dropped 4 dress sizes. I followed Ramsay’s nutrition plan and attended boot camp 3 nights a week, I found it hard for the first 8 weeks without coffee and cake but each week I saw the weight coming off and my body shape changing and the food and exercise became a way of life. Ramsay’s support and advice has been invaluable and I believe he is one of the best in his field. The classes are fun and varied, you never know what you will be doing – but you can guarantee there will be burpees and plank! When I started I couldn’t hold the plank for 30 seconds and now can hold plank for 25 minutes.






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